JUDr. Václav Vlk
Partner founder

Languages: Czech, Spanish, English and Russian
Action area: Madrid, Prague, Bratislava

Graduated from Faculty of Law at Karlova Univerzita. After completing his studies, he started working as an advocate and remains until now. His primary focus is on the preparation of procedural strategies for clients, especially for liability proceedings and damage compensation to the state, in disputes concerning companies and their internal relations, unfair competition, arbitration proceedings. He also focuses on civil law, personal protection, inheritance proceedings and family law. In criminal law, he acts as a defendant for economic crimes and crimes of public officials. He also litigates or defends in Spanish-speaking countries. He is active in publishing for professional press and journals. Member of the Appeal Disciplinary Commission of Czech Bar Association. Chairman of the Committee for External Relations of the Czech Bar Association from 2005 to 2017. Founding member of the Union of Attorneys and Member of the Presidium of Attorney Union.

Awards received

Highly recommended firm
in the field of sports law

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law, sport law
Czech firm on international markets

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law, sport law

Law firm of the year 2016
Category: Very highly recommended firm

Law firm of the year 2017
Category: Very highly recommended firm

Moreno Vlk & Asociados
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Česká republika

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