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The office was established by José Julio Moreno Baena and Václav Vlk. Both, as renowned specialists in procedural representation and legal counselling experts in the form of comprehensive client support, established a medium-sized international office focused on specialised representation in international and national litigation or work on individual client projects and their business activities.

The Czech office’s domain is procedural representation, representation in Spanish and in Spanish-speaking countries. The business department also provides comprehensive corporate services – only on recommendation.

We shall emphasise in this point that knowledge of the Spanish language itself can never substitute the education and practical experience of a lawyer from a domestic environment. This cannot be substituted by mutual cooperation between the law firms either. Economic and legal relations between two countries are not a matter of translation: consult your case with us immediately, otherwise unexpected and serious consequences may arise from originally innocent legal acts resulting from the translation. Although the substantive law may be generally similar, the formalities, deadlines, notices or calls are governed by other rules, which may be unusual to foreigners.

José Julio Moreno Baena
JUDr. Václav Vlk


We won the “Law Firm of the Year” Award in 2013-2020


All members of our team are highly qualified and educated in the best institutions.


We cooperate with a lot of corporations to fully meet your requirements.

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