Family law


Based on our experience, family disputes are very sensitive and require a personal approach by the lawyer. Our lawyers specialising in family law have managed dozens of similar cases and will provide you with maximum support and protect your interests and rights at all times.



Whether you need to deal with a divorce, relationships with minors or settlement of a joint property, you need to have a vigorous lawyer by your side to protect your rights. Whether you are a father or a mother, we offer assistance and comprehensive advice in all areas of family law.



We have been doing our job since 1986. Our lawyers ordinarily have 15 or more years of professional experience.


We are particular about education! We regularly contribute to trade press.


Do you want custody of your child? Do you prefer joint custody and need assistance with the enactment thereof? Are you not satisfied with the alimony amount, whether you are the one to pay it or the one to receive it? We have an established track record in family law and we always put the interests of the client and their children first. We have dealt with hundreds of cases and associated human stories. We can assist you with:

  • Disputed and undisputed divorce
  • Alimony amount
  • Provision of joint custody
  • Provision of exclusive custody and contact with the other parent
  • Agreements between parents concerning contact with minors
  • Property settlements of married couples
  • Adoption of a child
  • Determination and denial of paternity
  • Invalidation of marriages

We will represent you in court proceedings. We also offer individual advice and consultation in the area of family law, divorce proceedings and adjustments of relations.

We will draw up a proposal for marital divorce with you and will explain the whole process to you.

Whether you wish to agree on exclusive, alternate or joint custody, we are here to assist you.

Legal representation in the event of settlement of a joint property

If you have doubts about whether you are the biological father of a child, we will guide you through the whole process from paternity tests to the denial of paternity

Divorce law